Tim Hess-Associate Professor, Water Management, Cranfield Water Science Institute.

    • Tim Hess-Associate Professor, Water Management, Cranfield Water Science Institute.'s presentations

    Tim Hess has a distinguished research profile on water footprinting and water-related risk, particularly in the agriculture, food and beverage sector. He has worked on several projects considering; the contribution of water footprinting to national food policy; benchmarking irrigation water use amongst farmers and growers; and evaluating new technologies for agricultural water management.


    Presentation title: Water-related risk in fresh fruit and vegetable systems.


    In this presentation, Dr Hess will explore how the UK’s supply of fresh fruit and vegetables (FF&V)  is exposed to physical, regulatory and reputational water risks at home and overseas. The supply of FF&V to the UK consumes 550 million m3/year of freshwater – 76% of which is withdrawn overseas. The UK FF&V supply chain is particularly exposed to water risks in Spain, Egypt, South Africa, Chile, Morocco, Israel and Peru and exposure has increased due to a combination of increased consumption and changes in the location of sourcing.


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